HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro

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HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro KV
8-electrode|22 Body Indicators|Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connections
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro KV

People who are the same weight can look very different

Body fat percentage matters

Your body fat percentage is one of the most important health markers you can measure. Given that muscle is denser than fat, people of the same weight won’t necessarily look the same and wear the same sized clothing. That’s why knowing your percentage of body fat is more important than knowing your weight.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Body Fat Percentage
8% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%

But, percentage of body fat doesn’t tell the whole story

Distribution matters too

Two people with the same percentage of body fat can have quite different body shapes, such as the well-known ‘apple’ or ‘pear’ shaped bodies. The difference comes down to how fat is distributed in the body, and it’s a hugely important health marker. Fat that accumulates around the midsection, for instance, has been found to be far more damaging to a person’s health than fat stored in other areas of the body.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Body Shape
Hourglass Body Shape Pear Body Shape Apple Body Shape

8-electrode,high-precision measurements

Conventional four-electrode smart scales make contact with just your feet to measure lower limb data, then apply algorithms to estimate full-body fat, skeletal muscle mass, etc. HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro, in contrast, comes into contact with both your feet and hands, and uses eight electrodes to measure both your lower and upper limbs — providing you with much more precise, full-body data.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro 8 Electrode HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro 8 Electrode
Four-electrode smart scale Eight-electrode smart scale

Gain an extra edge,
with dual frequencies

Smart scales calculate body fat and water levels via bioelectrical impedance analysis. Conventional smart scales measure muscle and fat tissue in the body using low frequencies, which generate less-than-accurate results. HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro, however, uses both low and high frequencies for much more reliable body muscle and fat measurements.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Dual Frequencies

Low frequency

Mainly measures extracellular fluid.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Dual Frequencies

High frequency

Able to measure intracellular fluid.

analysis at a glance

Simply sync HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro with your phone via HUAWEI Health App to generate an overall body composition report with just a single tap. You'll also receive professional-level analysis of 10 general and 12 segmental body indicators1, as well as science-based advice on losing fat, gaining muscle, and leading a more active life.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Report

body composition model

Developed in cooperation with the Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the HUAWEI TruFitTM body composition model utilises bioelectrical impedance readings, large-scale data verification, and AI technology. The latest 2.0 version employs both low and high-frequency currents, for enhanced accuracy.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Trufit

Quick and easy

Connect HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro to your home Wi-Fi, step on, and have the data displayed on your phone via HUAWEI Health App. Alternatively, connect HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro directly to your phone through Bluetooth. Capable of identifying multiple users based on previous measurements, it provides private, user-specific data. Plus, Visitor Mode allows the user to input basic information (gender, height, and age), with none of the data or measurements being stored.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Connection

The ideal smart scale
for the whole family

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro helps parents guide their children toward healthier lifestyle choices, steering them clear of obesity in later life.2 Also provides motivation for older people to stay active, live healthy.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Family

ergonomic design

The built-in hand sensor is ergonomically designed for a more comfortable grip. Easily adjustable to the required height via the robust, flexible Kevlar cable, it’s also super-convenient to retract, thanks to the special magnetic design. The 320 mm x 320 mm tempered glass panel is firm and comfortable to stand on. The 3.6 mm short scale feet effectively prevent overturning3, with the upper half composed of wear-resistant ABS and the pad made with anti-skid silicone rubber.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Design

Eye-popping colour

Inspired by the painting Impression, Sunrise, HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro looks every bit the elegant home ornament, a world away from generic all-white scales. The frosted glass surface is coated with transparent ITO film, for improved conductivity. And the smart LED display remains off when not in use, lighting up as soon as you step on the scale.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro ID
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro ID
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro ID
HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro ID

Trusted Huawei quality3

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Salt spray test

35°C (95°F). 5% NaCl. 24h.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Temperature shock test

–25°C to +70°C (–13°F to +158°F). 48h.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Controlled drop test
at room temperature

12 cm. 10 times. Marble surface. Free fall.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Short drop test

Dropped on four surfaces
and four corners,
100 times each. Marble surface.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Steel ball drop

70 cm. 1,040 grams.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

High-/Low-temperature storage test

–25°C and +70°C (–13°F and +158°F). 24h respectively.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Working temperature range

5°C and 40°C (41°F and +104°F). 24h respectively.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Bending test

500 grams. ±90°. 3,000 times.

HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro Quality

Tensile test

50N. 60s. 3 times.

Data from HUAWEI Labs

1.Weight measurement range is from 5 kg to 150 kg. Resting heart rate monitoring is supported.
Due to physiological reasons, it is recommended that HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro be used for weight measurements only for users aged 17 and below, and weight and heart rate monitoring only for users aged 65 above.
This device is intended only for use by individuals in good overall health. This device should NOT be used by individuals with implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers or cochlear implants. Pregnant individuals should use this device with caution.
Fever can affect body composition data, and only weight readings are accurate under those circumstances.
To ensure accurate measurements, it is recommended that you wear light clothing and step on the scale around the same time every day. Eating or drinking in excess, engaging in strenuous exercise, or taking a bath can affect the accuracy of the readings.
For more accurate data, it is recommended that you follow the product guide and use the handle to conduct eight-electrode measurements. All data is subject to specific conditions at the time of measurement, and is for reference only.
Compatible with Android 6.0/iOS 9.0 and later versions.

2. Each HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro can be connected to 10 HUAWEI IDs, and each HUAWEI ID can have up to 10 sub-accounts, making it ideal for households. However, the scale may not always distinguish between users with similar body types.

3. Data from HUAWEI Labs.

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