HUAWEI Sound Joy

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HUAWEI Sound Joy key vision
  • Devialet 4-unit Punchy Sound1
  • |
  • 26 Hours Playback2
  • |
  • Shake Stereo Pair3
HUAWEI Sound Joy Devialet Speakers
HUAWEI Sound Joy icon
79 dBA @ 2 m Devialet Quad Speakers1,4
HUAWEI Sound Joy shake stereo pair
HUAWEI Sound Joy icon
Shake Stereo Pair3
HUAWEI Sound Joy Portable Stylish Design EN
HUAWEI Sound Joy icon
Stylish Design
HUAWEI Sound Joy 26 Hour Playback
HUAWEI Sound Joy icon
Hour Playback2
HUAWEI Sound Joy Super Tandem
HUAWEI Sound Joy icon
100-Speaker Super Combo5
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Free the Music
HUAWEI Sound Joy puble
HUAWEI Sound Joy Compact Design
HUAWEI Sound Joy Portable Design
HUAWEI Sound Joy Colourful Design
Compact and portable
Carry it around in your backpack or on your bike, like a bottle.
On-the-go listening
Place it however and wherever as needed: horizontally, vertically, indoors, or outdoors!
Vibrant colors
Comes in three stunning color schemes.
The Glow Flow
Light up your favourite tunes with the multi-colour ring on HUAWEI Sound Joy6. See the volume level and track battery life according to the fullness of the ring.
Made of the Right Stuff
The special woven fabric encasing HUAWEI Sound Joy offers a standout, dynamic look and ensures a more comfortable touch. It also provides robust, rugged protection for all your outdoor excursions, and more importantly, lets sounds resonate as they’re meant to be heard.
HUAWEI Sound Joy Fabric
Certified to IP67 water resistance7, HUAWEI Sound Joy can withstand just about any weather conditions you can throw at it, as well as staying protected in up to 1 metre of water.
HUAWEI Sound Joy IP67
Hear the Sound Resound with Devialet
HUAWEI Sound Joy Powerful Sound
Go Bigger on Sound
HUAWEI Sound Joy features a loud 79 dBA @ 2 m Devialet 2-way speaker system4 and Devialet SAM® technology for aligning the signal and acoustic output pressure. The full range speaker's powerful bass and the tweeter's singing treble fill every corner of the party.
High Highs, Low Lows
Symmetrically Loaded Passive Radiator

The dual 'push-push' passive radiator further enhances low-frequency sensitivity and extension, with a maximum excursion of up to 16 mm,8 providing better device stability, and ensuring your music is clean and low-noise even at high volumes.

20 W Carbon-Fibre Combined Diaphragm8

The 20 W full range speaker employs specially engineered carbon-fibre diaphragm to help bass frequencies as low as 50 Hz (-10 dB) resound more fully8.

10 W Silk Dome Tweeter8

Tuned by Devialet for exceptional clarity even at very high volume, the silk-dome 10 W tweeter offers frequencies up to 20 kHz (-10 dB)8.

Give More Life to Your Music HUAWEI Sound Joy Long Battery Life
Play the
Long Song
Keep the music going, no matter how far you travel, with 26 hours' continuous Bluetooth playback2 from a single charge of the large 8800 mAh battery9.
HUAWEI Sound Joy Long Battery Life
26 hours
8800 mAh
HUAWEI Sound Joy Fast Charging
Move Fast, Charge Faster
40 W super-fast charging10 lets you power up on the fly, for a whole hour of playback from a short 10-minute charge11.
The Joy from Bluetooth 5.2
The Bluetooth 5.2 generates higher sound quality, as well as lower power consumption and latency.
Battery Life
Transmission Distance
More Stable
Transmission Signal
Sound Smarter
Stereo Sound
in a Shake
Let two become one by simply shaking HUAWEI Sound Joy for automatic pairing3,
and achieve stereo sound for a more immersive music experience.
HUAWEI Sound Joy Shaking Pairing
Super Combo, for
Full-Throated Thrills
Connect up to 100 speakers to play music with seamless coordination5, and give your parties an exhilarating edge!
HUAWEI Sound Joy Multi-Layer
One-Touch Transfer

Make music switching a cinch by touching your phone to HUAWEI Sound Joy to instantly transfer your track12, and never drop a beat.

HUAWEI Sound Joy One Touch Transfer

Automatic Discovery

Enjoy almost instantaneous connections with your devices via the Auto-discovery feature13. Just bring your phone, tablet, or laptop near HUAWEI Sound Joy, and tap the pop-up window on your device to connect. Get bigger, better sound when you're making calls, gaming, or sitting back to watch a movie.
HUAWEI Sound Joy Auto Discovery
HUAWEI Sound Joy Auto Discovery
HUAWEI Sound Joy Auto Discovery
Mobile Tablet PC
HUAWEI Watch Control
Get your HUAWEI Watch in on the action too. Once paired, you can control the volume and skip tracks14 as easily as lifting your wrist.
HUAWEI Sound Joy Watch Control
Voice Assistant Pod
Press the voice assistant button to activate your phone's smart voice assistant15 for memos, reminders, information inquiries, and more.
HUAWEI Sound Joy Voice Assistant
  1. Quad Speakers consists of 1 full range speaker, 1 tweeter and 2 passive radiators.
  2. Data from Huawei labs. Actual data may vary due to speaker volumes, music types, speaker lighting effects and sound effects. All data is subject to actual usage.
  3. Only supported by HUAWEI Sound Joy devices. Shake one speaker (or press the stereo key) and shake (or press the stereo key) the other speaker within 5 minutes to link up the stereo system. Recommended distance between the 2 speakers is less than 3 m. Linking up more than two speakers is not supported.
  4. Data from Huawei labs. Maximum loudness measured at a distance of 2 m is 79 dBA.
  5. Data comes from tests. Once two HUAWEI Sound Joy speakers are set up for stereo sound, you can press and hold the mode switch button on another speaker for one second, in order to connect the three speakers in Super Combo mode. When pairing two speakers, it is recommended that you place them within 3 meters of each other. You can also use the Share feature to connect multiple speakers. Shaking two speakers at the same time will establish a stereo sound connection; shaking three or more speakers together will create connections between all speakers in Super Combo mode. Please note that once stereo sound or multi-connection in Super Combo mode is set up, you won't be able to cancel it by shaking the speakers again.
  6. The multi-colour ring is on by default. Press and hold the pause button for 3 seconds to disable.
  7. This speaker is not a professional waterproof speaker. It is splash-proof, water-resistant and dust-proof for typical usage, and it has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions to achieve IP67 rating under IEC 60529 standards. Its splash, water and dust resistance is not permanent and the protection effectiveness may deteriorate due to daily wear and tear. Do not charge the speaker in wet conditions, and damage due to immersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty. Waterproof conditions for IP67 are (1) still and clear water, water depth under 1 metre; (2) test time 30 minutes; (3) difference between water temperature and product temperature is not more than 5 degrees Celsius.
  8. Data from Huawei labs.
  9. Rated value.
  10. Supports up to 40 W fast charging according to SCP 2.0 and PD 3.0 protocols. It is recommended that the charging cable that comes with the speaker be used. Charging is also compatible with 5V/2A, 9V/2A, and 10V/4A.
  11. When speaker is in standby or power-off mode, charge for 10 minutes using 40 W fast charging that supports the SCP 2.0 and PD 3.0 protocols, and the speaker can be used for 1 hour in the default state.
  12. One-touch transfer is supported by Android 5.1 or above smartphones with NFC function. iOS phones are not supported.
  13. Auto-discovery by phones and tablets is only supported on Huawei phones and tablets running HarmonyOS 2 or later. PC models supporting auto-discovery include HUAWEI MateBook D 16 (AMD), HUAWEI MateBook 13 2021, HUAWEI MateBook 14 2021, and HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2021. The feature also requires software upgrade on said PC models, please refer to the Huawei official announcement.
  14. You can tap your HUAWEI Watch to transfer music to the speaker. HUAWEI Watches supporting this feature include HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro, HUAWEI WATCH 3, and HUAWEI WATCH GT 3. HUAWEI WATCH 3 supports playback and control of Huawei phones (EMUI 12 or above) and so as to control the speaker.
  15. Only supported by phones with voice assistant function.
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